deckd is a better way to build presentations.

Purpose-built presentation tool for customer-facing teams of strong brands. Streamline your entire presentation workflow while ensuring 100% design consistency.

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How it works

This is DesignOps for presentations

Save time and headspace of all individuals and teams involved. Allow everyone to focus on their respective craft — from designing to presenting slides.


Design your presentation template slides in Figma.


Sync Figma designs as presentation templates with deckd.

Edit, Present, Share

Use templates to create, edit, present, and share presentations.


Design and create responsive slides. Auto-layout, spacing, alignment — you name it.


Save headspace and time to focus on your craft. Sync in one-click and with 100% fidelity.

Design freedom

Set your creativity free on a familiar canvas and without any design limitations.

100% consistency

Stay always cosistent and on brand with layouts and design elements deliberately locked.

Peace of mind

Focus on the copy in an easy and intuitive interface. No more fiddling with fonts, text boxes, sizes and formats.


Connect design and execution. Update template designs in Figma and re-sync with deckd. In real-time.

Cross-team collaboration

Bridge the gap between design and go-to-market teams to accelerate design to delivery.

One channel

Streamline communication through the tools your teams already work in. No more extra channels needed.

Right context

Speak the same language and communicate needed changes in the right context — on slide level.


Work in blocks and add headings, paragraphs, bullet points or checklists to structure via drag and drop.

Quick jump

Quickly navigate to the right slide at the right time with ease. No more need to skip through slides.

Update on the fly

Tick off checklists or add relevant information while presenting.

On demand

Share your deck on demand via external link to the audiences you control.


Republish changes to keep your decks always relevant and synced.

Viewer insights

Draw your own conclusions from audience analytics.

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Trusted By 10,000+ Active Users!


Your questions answered.

Find quick answers to common queries about deckd. For additional questions, please contact us.

What is deckd?

Deckd is a web-based presentation tool for professionals. It is built for teams that seek design excellence and consistency across all slides.
It syncs Figma slide designs as template slides and let's stakeholders like sales teams, marketers, and C-level executives use those templates to create, edit, present, and share decks seamlessly.

Why deckd?

We believe that DesignOps for presentations is broken. It's tedious, inaccurate and costly to manually transfer template designs from Figma into presentation tools — not to mention updating already existing templates. It's also nearly impossible to maintain design authority in order to keep all your presentations consistent and on brand when working in bigger teams.

How do Figma and deckd work together?

deckd imports slide designs and their properties as templates directly from Figma. This allows designers to stay in Figma to create slide templates, while teams use deckd to create, edit, present, and share decks seamlessly.

Are there limitations on the customisation of presentations?

In the deckd editor, you can freely edit text and swap media (eg. visuals, embeds). However, layout, fonts, and color schemes of the master slides can only be altered by designers in Figma. This helps maintain a consistent and professional appearance across all presentations.

Who is deckd for?

deckd is the ideal presentation tool for organisations and professionals that aim for a consistent branding and design approach across all presentations. It's particularly useful for customer-facing teams in sales, marketing, and executive management.

How do I sign up for deckd?

To begin using deckd, please click "Get early access." We are in the process of gradually rolling out our limited beta. You will receive an invitation to join as soon as it's available.

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